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Are There Marketing Automation Platforms for Pawnshops?

Is An Effective Automated Marketing Platform the Answer to Increasing My Pawnshops Profit Margin?

Marketing automation platforms continue to grow with new tools hitting the scene every year, making it challenging to find the right platform. Most marketing automation tools are not designed to support the unique characteristics of pawnshops and the customers they serve. However, they meet the needs of creating marketing automation. However, they aren’t intended to creatively design various campaigns and marketing avenues geared towards the pawn industry.

Pawn Leads

Pawn Leads is a CRM program that offers many marketing automation features that are difficult to find elsewhere. Why? Because Pawn Leads understands pawnshops and isn’t just another carbon copy marketing automation tool. The Pawn Leads platform includes SMS messaging, real-time deliverability reporting, funnels, landing pages, email automation tools, automated text messaging tools, and more. Being a powerful marketing automation tool, it is excellent for a pawnshop business of any size. As the owner of your marketing team, it will allow you to set up a welcome series, segment your contacts into niche groups, send out email marketing with an email template library, and automated text message templates designed for pawnshops.

When using the Pawn Leads company, the owner’s Sam Reading and Lex Case, are happy to meet with you and consult on data management to understand your lead funnels. They will problem-solve with you to help you find and improve any bottlenecks in your marketing process. Conversion rates and analytics are ways that are available in a report form to inform you of the success of your automatic campaigns, help you as an owner track your spending, analyze conversion rates for individual assets and channels. This information is paramount in helping you leverage your marketing processes to help you increase revenues.

Using an automation platform enables you to streamline and measure your marketing workflows for new and existing leads, ultimately saving time and money and fast-tracking revenue growth. All pawnshops have the same desire; higher revenues and faster growth.

Marketing Automation Solutions Need to Be Easy to Use, or You Won’t Use It.

Selecting the automation tools you will use in your pawnshop is essential. Consider and evaluate marketing automation software and tools for ease of use. If the automation tools aren’t user-friendly and make it possible for you to spend less time with marketing tasks, they may not be the right fit.

User Friendly and Integration is a Must

A practical and user-friendly marketing automation solution to support pawn shops solves this problem. It enables companies like yours to streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows so you can increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster.

Ease of use isn’t a simple thing to implement, so make sure the software interface you use in your pawnshop will work for you and your situation, not against you. Will the software interact with Bravo or your pawnshop point of sales software? Is there Support if you have a question?

Don’t Overlook Support.

A helpline and Support are essential if you will learn to use your automation tools efficiently and effectively. You can’t put a price on these. Nothing is more frustrating than signing up for a new platform to find out you spend more of your valuable time trying to problem solve glitches and user errors.

Pawn Leads Marketing Platform Has Marketing and Email Templates and Help Documents

Sam, co-owner of Pawn Leads, knows firsthand how the Pawn Leads automation software will work in pawn shops. He owns two thriving pawn shops in Idaho and designed the marketing automation platform for use in his stores before making it available to other pawn shops. The Pawn Leads marketing automation tools are designed to create workflow templates that help guide you through the automation process.

Help Tools are Included and Easy to Use

The help tools contained in the product are easy to follow with videos, so your questions are answered quickly. There are basic email marketing templates and starter text message templates like “Thank you for visiting our store.” These are helpful when putting together bulk messages. Additionally, you can stay abreast of how leads are being converted by tracking incoming and outgoing calls. This information will help you design other marketing campaigns in the future.

Google Dds, Facebook Dds, Press Releases and Blog Posts, and Dedicated Services

As a part of the services included in Pawn Leads, google ads, Facebook ads, press releases and blog posts, and dedicated services are available. Working directly with a dedicated representative who knows the Pawn Leads automation tools will help set up marketing campaigns, discuss and set up google ads that reach the ideal leads you want to convert to paying customers. The Pawn Leads team will help you understand the reporting and analytics to work with the team to put a marketing plan and process in place that works.

Personalized Marketing

Personalized marketing through the Pawn Leads as your marketing automation provider will help you with website builds, text pay, 2-way texting, bulk messaging, web chat, call tracking, call recording, auto text response to missed calls, niche lists, email campaigns, flyers, and opt-in programs. These things will help your company with lead generation and follow-up, so customers understand your shop is the answer to their interest and the services they desire.

Automation platforms allow for effective marketing on multiple channels and set in place processes to automate repetitive tasks. Pawnshops have everyday tasks that have to occur, so customers feel a part of the unique products and services pawnshops provide. Automation tools can boost your company’s bottom line.

Customers feel connected with your sales team when they have a relationship with them.

Relationships take time, and automation software can assist your team to be included in the customer journey from first-time visitors to a lifelong customers.

All pawn shops have leads, the new potential customer—these people you want to advertise to and make a part of your business.

Providing customers with exactly the information they need and what you have to offer in an easy to look at format is a must.

Email marketing and automation text tools can be convenient. These tools also add functionality and assist you and your team be specific about what each customer sees. This adds to the customer journey and helps them stay connected.

Customers are busy. They may be short of time, and automation tools help cut to the chase by using the data you have already collected about them to highlight the most pertinent content, so you reach them at the right time. Pawn Leads is a marketing automation platform that is easy to use and integrate, and pawn Leads have dedicated experts to assist you along the way.

Marketing Automation Is the Fastest Growing Technology Today

According to Adobe Experience Cloud, “marketing automation is one of the fastest-growing technologies out there, according to Forrester’s Marketing Automation Technology Forecast, 2017 to 2023. Initially used for large enterprises, marketing automation tools have become more prevalent and scalable for small and mid-sized businesses. No wonder marketing automation is no longer a nice-to-have; it’s a must-have.” This is true for your pawnshop company, and Pawn Leads is the solution.

Good marketing automation platforms take into account the evolving needs of leads and their interaction with you through a variety of marketing channels. Not just email. Using behavioral inputs from multiple channels such as social media, viewing a pricing page, or consuming a particular piece of content in a press release or blog gives potential customers the context they need to understand your pawnshop’s services and products wholly. The most effective marketing automation also uses those various channels — beyond email — to communicate sales, opt-in campaigns, and events.

Instead of small businesses or large ones, Pawnshops will benefit by making their marketing processes more personalized and streamlined. Features of the best marketing automation software assist you as the owner to provide customer service directly to potential leads, prospects, and current customers. Because pawnshops gather information on sales, pawn loans, and buys, this information can be used to scale marketing to fit the situation.

Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and reporting add to the benefits of automating your marketing process. Why? Because a marketing automation strategy that includes custom dashboards displaying crucial key performance indicators (KPIs) through easy-to-read and interprets graphics will help you brainstorm solutions to increase sales, increase quality leads, and promote pawn loans.

Pawnshops use point of sale systems like Bravo, which compiles customer data. This data can be merged with Pawn Leads and comes in handy, allowing you to create marketing campaigns that will reach your leads. You can send the perfect marketing message to increase your lead nurturing through templates already designed and suitable for pawnshop usage.

The time and tasks it takes to manage an active pawn shop are huge. A marketing strategy that includes automation technology, including workflow automation, will increase service quality, improve service delivery, and contain costs, thus affecting the bottom dollar. Another benefit to an automation workflow is adding several channels like email, push notifications, and more.

Save Time and Decrease Manual Tasks Through Automation Tools

Pawn Leads is user-friendly and will help quickly build workflows, forms, landing pages, popups, call-to-action-buttons, and bulk messaging. The automation tools provide context to social media such as Facebook by tracking potential customers to your website and then combining social media data with other tools like email marketing campaigns, bulk text messages, and nurture campaigns.

Most companies understand automation tools will save time and result in fewer manual tasks necessary to improve their marketing efforts. However, digital advertising is more than just making things easier. Digital advertising is essential to build your brand, drive revenue, and prove to customers your pawnshop is their one-stop-shop.

Mobile Advertising Through A Marketing Automation Strategy That Includes Ready-Made Templates

With mobile advertising being at an all-time high, this is an opportunity for every pawnshop owner to reach their potential customers through marketing automation technology. How big is the mobile advertising industry? According to Google, the mobile advertising market was evaluated at US$180.610 billion for the year 2019 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 21.95% to reach a market size of US$724.460 billion by the year 2026. With this growing trend, there is no denying the growth makes it necessary for businesses like pawnshops to deliver a perfect mobile experience for their customers. The first step towards this is using a marketing automation strategy that provides ready-to-use templates for all customers. Pawn Leads does just this.

Let’s Examine Your Pawn Shop Marketing Campaigns As They Are Today

Most pawnshops have marketing activities that involve sending emails, making follow-up calls, and posting flyers and bulletins. Other small businesses use Facebook and social media marketing ineffectively, and their marketing processes are time-consuming and involve manual tasks that cost money, and the marketing ROI is slim.

Sales teams will interact with customers and may follow up by making a phone call, but another follow-up call problem doesn’t occur if the customer doesn’t answer. Marketing teams are few and far between in most pawn shops.

Today marketing strategy for any pawnshop must involve marketing automation technology. Sales and marketing teams need to work together to identify customer behavior and the customer journey and how a marketing solution can guarantee potential customers become lifelong customers. Instead of sales teams infrequently and haphazardly contacting first-time customers, an automation tool would put in place workflow automation that would contact every new visitor to your store, ask how their visit was, and ask how to help them in the future. It would gather pertinent information and create other workflow automation so these same customers can join niche lists and opt-in campaigns. All first-time customers have a better potential to become lifelong customers through automation tools.

All customers have a customer lifecycle, and how marketing and sales teams influence the lifecycle will either increase or decrease cost. Account-based marketing is a strategic approach to business marketing in which marketing and sales teams work together to best fit accounts and turn those “best fits” into customers. Marketing teams must employ strategies that use sales and marketing expertise to locate, engage with, and close deals with high-value accounts that matter the most. According to Shari Johnston, SVP of Marketing, Radius, “Marketing is no longer a one-way street—you cannot simply shove promotions to your prospects. You need to engage in an active dialogue, and ABM lets you do that with unparalleled precision.”

Pawn Leads understands the interface between marketing and sales teams and will assist you and your shop in implementing changes so that the automation tools can be used to the fullest potential.

Your sales team in your pawnshop knows the sales process and who the customers are who frequent your pawnshop regularly. They are the frontline personnel that works directly with the public to establish a connection, so they return again and again. By sales teams working with marketing teams, marketing campaigns can be developed and compelling. The ideas of your sales team will increase lead generation, and marketing campaigns will bring customers in.


What’s Next As You Commit to a New Marketing Automation Landscape?

You have decided to purchase Pawn Leads, a marketing automation solution for your pawnshop. You are now working with Sam and Lex to develop a marketing strategy to turn your leads into lifetime customers. The marketing automation solution you have chosen for your pawnshop has been used and designed by Sam Reading, an owner of two pawnshops. He understands what pawnshops need and how they work. With his expertise and his team’s expertise, he has problem-solved solutions that will meet your new marketing automation landscape.

You have gone to the Pawn Leads webpage and signed up for the 7-day free trial. One of the Pawn Leads experts contacts you directly to discuss what type of marketing automation space you want to develop. You are excited but have several questions about the automation tools and how to use them. Sam or Lex schedule an onboarding call with you to identify 3-5 primary goals you have and the time frame you want to achieve them.

You discuss 2-way texting and the benefits of having this automation tool. You talk about webchats, forms, and how conversations can be tracked and reviewed for quality improvement. Sam explains how one of the automation tools is to pass all calls through your newly assigned Pawn Leads number and back into our store for call recording, auto text back, and eventual reports to track call volume.

Imagine how this marketing automation can change how you do business. Every lead can be converted into a paying customer. You can understand how your team interacts and understands each customer journey, and develop ideas for team training about customer retention.

You will know how many people call your store each day and why for the first time.

Lex explains that with the automation tools comes an email system that will help you leverage sending bulk marketing emails. Lex explains that Pawn Leads has a 52-week email marketing campaign that sends stories and jokes to customers to keep them engaged.

Sam is excited to help you understand that Pawn Leads has partnered with Stripe to integrate text and email payments. He says he can help you set up a stripe account and put your information in for a quick and simple payment solution. You are jazzed because this will be instrumental in promoting your online store.

Sam explains that Pawn Leads has an automatic marketing solution to increase your lead generation volume. Through the Pawn Marketing CRM System, you will have the key to closing all leads. Marketing solutions include:

Digital Marketing

Google Ads:

Pawn Leads specialize in running Google Ads for Pawn Clients. Pawn Shop Google ads can be hard to approve because of Google restrictions. We have built a relationship with Google for smooth approvals.

Facebook Ads:

Facebook Ads by Pawn Leads will work with you on retargeting campaigns to market to your current customer base and other Facebook users who are determined to be similar to your client base.


Ranking on search engine results is essential, and SEO does not have any cost per click. Working on helping your rankings for words like “Gold Buyer Near Me” or “Pawn Shop Near Me” will increase inbound leads.

Press Releases and Blogs

We write and submit press releases and Blogs about your new services store opening, all while targeting “keywords” that will generate more inbound leads rankings and help your bottom line.

You go through the different automation tools with Sam and discuss how each will benefit your pawnshop. You discuss your website and how it is lacking.

WordPress Website Development

Sam and Lex tell you that Pawn Leads can help through WordPress Website development. They explain that Pawn Lead builds websites on WordPress and HTML5 and can work with any coding requirements.

Progressive Mobile Webpages

During the consult, Sam explains that Progressive Mobile Webpages load fast and are proven to convert your clients into “Calling,” “Getting Directions,” or requesting a “Web Quote.” He explains that the Pawn Lead mobile site will sit on the top of your current site.


To reduce costs and get a dedicated server for faster load times, better performance, and full management with updates, Pawn Leads will host your website using the Amazon and Google infrastructure for 100% uptime.

Site Speed

Site speed is essential for getting new clients. You do not want someone to come onto your site and leave without getting the answers they need. Sam checks your site speed through

Six Months Into Using the Pawn Leads Marketing Automation Platform

Sam and Lex set up a consultation meeting with you to discuss your goals and set new ones for the marketing automation landscape you crafted with the Pawn Leads team. It appears the marketing channel you selected at the very beginning of your journey with Pawn Leads was simply two-way texting. You noticed right away that you wanted to use more automation tools, and Sam and his team of experts set this up. Through detailed reports and analytics, you can see that the drip campaigns and the email marketing workflows have genuinely paid off. Your lead generation has skyrocketed with several new leads each week. Your team is working with the Pawn Leads experts to use the same automation workflow choices they had input on at the beginning of your marketing journey. As an owner, you have decided to use google ads and google analytics to help you increase your bottom line even more. The marketing data that Sam and his team review with you monthly has not only helped you stay on track with your marketing strategy it has helped you see what else you need to do to continue to use Pawn Leads to grow your business.

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