Fakes and Real Gold and Silver, can you tell which one is good?

I put this guide together for Pawn Brokers, as the community keeps growing their skills. In my 3 stores, we have become very skilled with buying, selling and trading Gold, Silver, and other precious metals. This has grown to the point, where I’m not a supplier for other Pawn Shops across the country. 

There are some simple things we can do first to determine if a Coin, Round, Bar is fake. 

The PDF Guide on Bullion Testing

In the PDF guide I (Samuel Reading from Idaho Pawn & Gold, also the cofounder of Pawn Leads) put together, you will find the answers to testing and authenticating Gold and Silver Bullion, Coins, Rounds, and Bars. Not one device will tell you the answer. A combination of a DUX+C, also known as Density, Ultra sound, Xray, and Conducivity is needed to be sure. 


Metals have different characteristics, and while some are the same or very close to other metals, some are far different.


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What are the main differences in Gold, Silver, Tungsten, Copper?


Gold has similar density as tungsten, therefor a Gold Platted Tungsten Coin will feel, weigh, and measure almost exactly the same as a real Gold Coin. 

Silver has similar conductivity and resistivity as copper, therefor it will test similar on a device like a Sigma which uses resistivity (I believe) but be far different in size/weight. 1 Troy Ounce of Silver if measured in millimeters will equal 2,964.7 cubic mm (volume). Basically you can measure the width, height and depth and multiple them together. For a round or coin like an American Eagle, it is 1 troy ounce, 40.6mm around (radius: 20.3mm) and 2.98mm thick. *you can use something like this calculator to help: https://www.calculator.net/ 

Download my Secret Easy To Use Guide/Cheat Sheet, to have confidence in buying/testing your Bullion, Gold, Silver, Rounds, Coins and Bars. 

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