Technologies in Marketing - Let's Create a "Buzz!"

Marketing efforts in today’s business environment, you can not ignore “noise” and how technology can help you either create unpleasant noise or a pleasant “buzz.” Social media marketing, virtual technology, digital marketing, automatic marketing systems, content marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing make sense. How you balance these tools to attract potential customers or leads is increasingly essential if your business grows.

Noise versus Buzz - It's all in the Jingle

We can’t ignore the noise, and it can be unpleasant like a racket or considered unpleasant, loud, or disruptive. There is no distinction between noise and the desired sound from a physics standpoint.

In technology trends today, marketing noise is used to create a “buzz.”

A “buzz” are strategies that make beneficial marketing noise like advertising, promotions, “opt-in” options, and something consumers can do that will help them identify your product brand and recall your business when they need what you have to sell.

Remember the Oscar Mayer jingle? “I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Weiner; that is what I’d truly love to be an Oscar Mayer wiener. ‘Cause if I were an Oscar Mayer wiener, everyone would be in love with me. Oh, I’d love to be an Oscar Mayer wiener.

The jingle created a “buzz,” and everyone recognized the tune, the lyrics, and the brand. In today’s technology world, there are new opportunities for companies to use lead generation, digital marketing, social media marketing, and other efforts to make their company and products stand out when consumers use search engines to find what they are looking for.

Consumers are nationwide and worldwide because of the worldwide web, and new technologies make this possible! As a business, you have the globe as your consumer base.

Understanding technology trends and how to use the tools is essential if companies maximize their social media presence through various social media platforms and use automatic marketing tools to advance their business.

Consumer engagement is the key, and using technology effectively is the door that will build trust and draw new customers in.

What is a Business Marketing Eco-System?

Ecosystem marketing is defined as the process of positioning your business ideas so that your business gains visibility, engages prospects and turns them into qualified leads, and captures consumer attention through “buzz” so that new customers turn into long-term customers.

Most businesses are chasing the shiny new technology system that will do it all and help their business succeed by creating a competitive edge. Still, if you don’t understand the basics of your business marketing ecosystem, the shiny new technologies add nothing to your customer engagement and eventual financial success.

From start to finish, marketing ecosystems identify potential consumers, establish branding, and get potential customers involved through the action like lead magnets to become qualified leads. It is a purposeful interaction of digital strategies.

Ecosystem strategy considers the characteristics of the population it markets to, the avitar, and deliberate, dynamic intent and action, so these consumers engage as active participants.

Knowing your customers’ characteristics, intent, and overall consumer behavior is the first step to successful marketing efforts.

Ecosystems focus on lead generation and encouraging leads to engage with the company, so they want to be long-term customers. These strategies are part of the marketing tools used to create “noise” and get noticed. Customers want to be a part of a business; they want to connect, and consumer engagement does this.

To begin with, your website is the backbone of the rest of your digital marketing strategies.

It is where consumers will land when your advertising and marketing messages draw them in. Predictive analytics will gather data and allow you to understand the nuances about your customers leading to an increase in customer acquisition. Big data allows businesses to understand more about their customers, ultimately leading to more customer acquisition.

Consumer experience is essential.

Most customers expect to be treated with respect in a timely fashion. Marketing strategy needs to make the customer’s interaction with your business great. This can be done by personalized text messages, email campaigns, smart assistants, and ai powered chatbots.

Prospective customers need a place to experience your brand. Having a responsive website with landing pages and quick access will help. Years ago, having a webpage, email messages, and text messages wasn’t a thing. Today there is a part of our marketing ecosystem.

A Well Thought Out Automated Ecosystem Saves Time and Money

As a business owner, you must understand time per task within your marketing ecosystem. How would an average business owner have time to send out individual text messages or emails? They wouldn’t. Knowing what brands of automatic marketing platforms are available will help you decide how these services and apps can save you time.

Marketers know that time is money, and creating an effective “buzz” that brings new leads takes time. You are no longer in a technological world where you can sit back and depend on word of mouth on the street to carry your message out to the world.

A digital strategy is crucial!

When you build your marketing strategy, consider starting with predictive analytics and how to use big data and data analytics to make data-driven decisions along the way. By watching the trends found in the charts and numbers, you will understand how to adjust your efforts.

pawn leads crm

Pawn Leads Automated CRM

Chose an automatic marketing tool that saves you time. There are several options available. As an owner of a pawnshop, you can turn to using Pawn Leads as a marketing automation tool.

Sam Reading and co-founder Lex Case are both small business owners. They are family men who want their customer experience to be the best and have time for their commitments.

Sam owns two pawn shops, so he has designed Pawn Leads with pawnshops’ success in mind. From lead generation, website builds, landing pages, SEO, content marketing and branding content, email marketing, automatic text messaging, ai powered chatbots, lead magnets, opt-in programs, and data analytics, Pawn Leads knows and understands what works with pawnshops.

Sam, Lex, and the Pawn Leads team provide services to other small businesses looking to expand their opportunities. The long-term goal for Pawn Leads is to be a global leader in pawnshop marketing strategies through the use of automation. I

f you can save 30 minutes of your day by simply implementing new technologies in your work routine, you do online marketing correctly. Including mobile marketing strategies as a tool is also wise. A significant component of viral communication is the message, and Pawn Leads understands how to do this for pawnshops.

The trade-offs for using an automatic tool like Pawn Leads are it saves time and money, engages clients nationwide, and has tools and 24-hour availability through artificial intelligence.

Pawnshop consumers are bombarded with brands and products on their social media channels like Facebook and Instagram, Google searches, webpages, TV screens, phone apps, and more.

Good marketing technology understands the touchpoint when a potential consumer converts to a paying customer and achieves this efficiently by creating a “buzz” and not just noise.

Pawnshops don’t necessarily pay marketers to help them achieve their business goals. Owners are busy running their businesses. Having a dedicated automated marketing platform like Pawn Leads will help pawnshop owners seize at any moment an opportunity to convert a potential consumer into a long-term customer through the use of technology.

For example, a future customer who lives out of state goes out on the internet and finds your web page through their search engines at 2 am. Your webpage is well done and grabs people’s interest. They are looking for a diamond ring at an affordable price.

The ai powered chatbots on your pages catch their attention and ask if they have questions. They say they like this one particular ring and need more information. The chatbot reaches back out to them and engages them.

Engaging Clients While You Sleep

You, as the pawnshop owner, are home asleep in bed. The artificial intelligence asks them to fill out a contact form with their information and contact number. This engages the customer in a meaningful activity.

The form is a lead magnet, and by filling out the form, they can save 10% on their purchase. This exchange is done when the consumer engagement is more likely when they are most likely triggered by emotion.

Contact Form as a Lead Magnet Your Digital Marketing

The customer is happy to do so, and this contact information is automatically stored in the nurturing database list. You are still sleeping. The customer comes into the store the next day with a good idea of what ring they want to see and try on.

Your trained and dedicated staff have already checked any new contact information that came in the day prior, greeted the customer by name, and delighted. The team also knows what ring they want to see and took the time to clean it up and set it aside.

The customer experience is exceptional, and in the potential buyer’s mind, this won’t be forgotten. They are well on their way to becoming a loyal customer who will remember your brand above most brands.

They try on the ring and admire it under the light. You let them know how pretty it is and point out the unique qualities of the piece. As part of the services provided by the pawnshop, your team explains they will receive a text asking to score the service they receive, and the text will give them the option to opt-out at anytime.

Automated Text Campaigns

The team explains that in the future, they will also receive notice of other sales, programs, and incentives that may save them money in the future.

These campaigns are set up through Pawn Leads and are personal and unique to your pawnshop. Pawn Leads has several templates to choose from that can be altered to meet each pawnshop’s needs.

The satisfied client leaves the store admiring their new ring. About a half-hour later, they receive a text thanking them for visiting the store and asking them to fill out a short survey. The client looks down at their newly purchased diamond ring and smiles, thinking that the business sure had honest and respectful service.

This same customer receives a text about an upcoming sale two weeks later. The client remembers how well they were treated, and the interaction they experienced, and they return to the store to see what other treasures they can’t live without.

The process built by the digital marketers at Pawn Leads, with pawn shops in mind, plants the image of the pawnshops brand in the consumers’ minds in a positive and meaningful way.

This process was done through Pawn Leads with no effort on the sales team’s or owners’ part because it was automated.

The consumer searched, found your shop, engaged, came in, bought your product, left please, provided information as part of the customer relationship management (CRM) offered through Pawn Leads, and will now have engagements and “buzz” that will turn them into a long term client.

Marketers know that the process used in technologies in marketing through customer relationship management platforms must build trust in the consumers it reaches. Marketers know that consumers will remember businesses if the initial and continued “buzz” they receive is wanted “buzz” through opt-in programs, notices, friendly email and text messages, and good honest customer service.

Pawn Leads CRM marketers on the team know that knowing and understanding performance marketing, trends, social media marketing, youtube videos, data analytics, how to use artificial intelligence to engage, and how to plant lead magnets for action add up so consumer acquisition and loyalty.

Pawnshops and other businesses are learning how, during the past year, customer relationship management (CRM) has been a considerable part of marketing strategies and an effective ecosystem. In 2021, according to the latest CMO Survey, 56% of businesses were changing their go-to-businesses models to capitalize on digital opportunities. Traditional marketing is taking a backseat, with brands relying more than ever on their digital strategies; in 2021, 4.66 billion people will use digital channels as part of daily life, creating a vast potential customer base.

Pawn Leads CRM and its team of digital marketers are available to assist your pawnshop in jumping to the next level by creating a “buzz” through the time savings marketing efforts found in the automated marketing platform.

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