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Selling, buying, loaning, hiring, advertising, marketing, cleaning, negotiating, emailing, texting, and so many things add to ‘the win.’

Having a marketing strategy, market research, social media marketing, digital marketing, interruption marketing versus permission marketing, and the plethora of new ideas that pop up in your company email feed can make your head spin.

Statistics show that pawnshops that develop and utilize a marketing strategy that includes SMART goals combined with a comprehensive marketing approach will experience increased revenues. The secret to a successful marketing strategy is to identify the target audience and use marketing communication channels and tactics to engage your audience consistently.

S.M.A.R.T. Goals

In 1981 George Doran, Arther Miller, and James Cunningham, in a joint article published, “There’s a S.M.A.R.T. Way to Write Management Goals and Objectives,” coined the concept of SMART goals.

S- Specific – Be specific and narrow
M-Measurable – Decide how you will measure success and measure often
A-Achievable – Make sure the goals are attainable within a specific period
R-Realistic – Goals should be relevant and in alignment with long term objectives
T-Timely – Set an end date to achieve the goals to use for prioritization that is ambitious and realistic
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Pawn Leads A Marketing Solution

Pawn Leads is an automated marketing solution for pawn shops and small businesses. Using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, the marketing automation tools designed by Sam Reading and Lex Case for pawnshops and small businesses are the secret to achieving your SMART goals in a timely and realistic fashion.

Pawn Leads is a customer communication system that provides a comprehensive marketing solution by automatically tracking all customer communications in one convenient place to use for custom automated follow-up text, email, and webchat replies so your team can close more deals. The solution is user-friendly and integrates digital marketing like google and Facebook Ads.

Understanding customer behavior as the owner of pawnshops, Sam has developed ideas to help pawnbrokers get their store to stick in the customer’s mind when considering using the services at a pawnshop.

Lex, who owns his own small business, understands the hook model and the actual value of having an automated email marketing strategy to help make small businesses experience success.

The holy grail of the services offered by Pawn Leads is the Secret Pawn Marketing Playbook.

Marketing Book = Increase Sales

The marketing playbook is essentially a marketing strategy with daily, weekly, and monthly tasks to help meet your SMART goals as a business owner. In an easy-to-read format, template flyers, email stories, jokes, and tasks are included with the idea of buying, selling, and loaning more and helping you become the best marketer for your business.

At the beginning of the marketing book, there is a mile-high overview of the different marketing ideas and campaigns to run each month’s quarter. Then the is a focus on the weekly specific campaign and tasks that will add to the success of the overall ideas and campaigns.

Tips & Tricks

For fun and to inspire your team, the marketing book includes Tips & Tricks on using the Pawn Leads system. Since having measurable goals is a component of success, the book consists of Key Performance Indicators(KPIs) to help improve future strategies. This way, you will know what strategy works and how well it works.

As you sign up and take full advantage of the Pawn Leads system, you will access main marketing ideas and market products that will save you time through automation.

Automated two-way texting, email marketing, traditional advertising like table toppers and fliers, and ‘opt-in’ niche lists for habit-forming products and buys like gold, silver, and guns 🙂 will keep your customers coming back and your store image seared in the consumer’s mind.

The basis of marketing books helps you get and keep consumer attention, so they engage in your business and keep away from your competitors. The epic content in the Secret Pawn Marketing Playbook will give you the tools to achieve the realistic goals you have for your business.

SMART goals include measurability

As a bonus, at the end of each quarter, there are tools included in the marketing book to use to measure how you are doing in the ‘race.’ Sometimes, the industry changes, product or service needs decrease or increase depending on the market, and customers needs change. The marketing book will help you stay on task and put proven ideas in place to meet those long-term goals – because Pawn Leads knows you are ‘in it for the win.’


Sam and Lex both have professional experience as marketers and understand how to not only reach consumers through traditional advertising, content marketing, online marketing, online marketing, and digital marketing, they know that pawnshop owners need to have a guide to teach their marketing plan to their teams. This marketing book, unlike other marketing books, does just that.

It provides a framework for teams to learn and follow.

A pawnshop typically has a website that explains its products and services. The gap is between having an excellent website on the web as the face of the company and getting clients in the door, so sales teams can sell, buy, and loan.

By understanding how to be and have your team be their marketing professional to increase brand awareness and close deals, more profit is made. Market products like digital marketing, social media, SEO, email marketing, and text blasts can be daunting to learn and understand.

In his 1999 book “Permission Marketing: Turning Strangers into Friends and Friends into Customers, “ Pawn Leads knows that what Seth Godin said was right on.

Marketing brings in a consumer who doesn’t know you, making a connection through engagement and then converting them into loyal customers. Potential customers are searching for items, answers to their questions, and solutions to their problems, and your pawnshop has the product or service they want.

The Velcro Theory

Secret Pawn Marketing Playbook provides you, as one of the business leaders in the pawn industry, the keys that open the door as you create value and trust in your business.

Using the Velcro Theory of memory, a metaphor that describes the human memory as a system of loops that information hooks on to, the Pawn Leads exclusive book gives you all the ‘hook’ you need to get customers to remember you. The more hooks or ideas you can create for customers, like an ‘opt-in’ niche list or a catchy sales flyer, the more likely clients will remember you and your business.

The Secret Pawn Marketing Playbook is a fascinating read and tool, and it is yours through Pawn Leads.

Download “The Secret Pawn Marketing Playbook”

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