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What Are Your Strategies for Customer Engagement?

What is customer engagement and how is it accomplished? “Back in the day” customer engagement strategies, include talking to the customer in the store and interacting with them, giving discounts and coupons, and helping them see

We’re all used to hearing about customer engagement. Nowadays, it feels like every marketing article we read talks about customer engagement, but what does it really mean?

What is Customer Engagement?

Engagement is defined as a way to connect with someone or something. When we talk about customer engagement and customer engagement strategy, we are talking about the interactions between you and our customer. The interaction helps strengthen relationships and builds loyal customers.

The goal of customer engagement is to get the customer to interact with your brand or company, so the relationship extends beyond the point of purchase.

Ongoing interaction between your company and your customer is a clear sign that your customer is engaged and becoming loyal followers.


Customer Engagement

Where Do Customers Engage?

You can use content, blogs, social media, websites, and email marketing to engage with customers. With so many different channels to interact with your customer, they can decide which channel they prefer. This leads to them forming a stronger emotional bond with your product, brand, and business.

Customer Engagement

Quality of Engagement Strategies

Customers are busy and life is fast paced. Your customer engagement strategies need to deliver meaningful content and experiences that add value to their connection with you.

The more a family feels they are getting what they need for your brand or company, the more they connect.

Meaningful engagements with customers help you retain customers, turning them in to return customers and more profits.

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement Strategies

Customer engagement strategies are about moving a customer down the customer journey in a manner that they keep your brand and business on the top of their mind. When they need your product or services, they think of you.

How to Measure the Value of Customer Engagements


AOV or Average Order Value is the average a new customer spends when they make a purchase at your shop. This is a general number representing how much new customers bring in revenue.

Repeat customers spend about 7x more than a one-time first time, new shopper. The return customer is the engage customer. The resulting number shows the retention of customers who bought more things is a clear indication that engaging customers works.

Social Media Interactions

When you engage customers through social media like Facebook and Instagram, you can measure the level of interaction by the number of replies, likes, shares, comments, and tags. If your social media campaign is working, than the audience values the content.

Purchase frequency

Tracking a customer’s purchase frequency will help you determine who are repeat customers and who are new. What they are buying and how much they spend. This will help you design your customer engagement strategies to reach the customers you need. Increasing your engagement efforts may be needed if you see you have a limited number of return customers.

Repeat Customer Rates

When you can track your customers and how many purchases they made in a set period, you can gain information on the effectiveness of our customer retention and engagement with your brand.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the customer engagement strategies that can be effective. This type of marketing involves sending new and existing customers emails about discounts, product availability, and store news. It involves different campaigns and varied approaches.

Some email marketing campaigns include gamification or in other words play a game and win. This type of customer engagement strategy creates a positive association with your brand. When a customer plays and wins, they are more likely to remember your company in the future.

Customer loyalty is created when a customer participates to gain a benefit. The customer experience is a strong customer engagement strategy.


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Pawn Leads, LLC

Pawn Leads is a total solution integrated marketing solution to meet your marketing needs. The experts at the company understand how delivering a consistent customer experience through a variety of solutions is the way to build a loyal customer base.

For $97 a month, the Pawn Lead system will receive texting, emailing, reviews, forms, landing pages, call recording, text Opt ins and subscriptions, and more. Customer information can be easily stored to collect feedback, give deals to reward loyal customers, and build customer relationships.

The information can also be used to determine if what is being done to improve customer engagement is working.

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