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Google Ad Marketing As Part of Your Pawn Shop & Small Business Marketing Strategy

Google has an enormous reach. With a click, you can reach each corner of the worldwide marketplace, and Google is everywhere. The word Google comes up in everyday conversation, and there are not too many people who don’t know what Google is.

Digital Marketing


The Oxford English dictionary adopted Google as a verb in the English language. Google is not just a search engine with a search engine results page; it is an email client, a social media site (Youtube), an official office suite (Google Drive), a mobile operating system (Android), and a marketing strategy that makes it easy for you to target to a specific audience (Google Ads).

Google’s market share is about US$900 billion, with over US$110 billion made annually on marketing advertising alone. The audience potential is endless.

Did you know that Google is just one more significant part of the overarching business Alphabet?

Alphabet Inc. is a holding company founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and it is the parent company of Google. The company’s segments include Google Cloud, Google Services, and Other Bets. Google is the critical segment, but the company has undergone several acquisitions over the past few years.

The company was name Alphabet because it represents a collection of letters that represent language and one of the critical ways indexing occurs.


Google Ads

Google ads were formerly called Google Adwords, a service that can help promote your website online. The tool allows you to attract the right people for your business.


Google ads can provide instant results. New businesses, businesses wanting to grow their potential customer list, and those starting with a new SEO strategy will find that the use of Google ads will provide faster results than other marketing strategies like content creation, blogging, and social media advertising.


Google is set up, so a searcher sees the ads at the top of the search results pages and on the side of the screen. This information may be just what is needed to answer the questions the searcher has; consequently, the ads will catch the searcher’s attention and bring them straight to your website.

These visitors can then be engaged as leads.

What works and what doesn’t

Google ads allow you to see what works and what doesn’t. Since you will pay per click, it is essential to use what works. Google ads allow you to test keywords and see which ones perform the best.

You can run one set of servicebased keywords one month and then run a different location the next month, determining which group drew potential customers to your site.

Compare to determine what works

The Google ads dashboard can help you compare and determine precisely how an ad campaign worked. You will be able to see which keywords are performing the best, what time of day searchers are clicking on your site, and which ads are converting into leads.

Advertising isn’t cheap. Google ads is a pay-per-click service, and you can decide how much you want to spend on the service. Once the budget is exhausted, the system will automatically stop running the ad.

Return on Investment

Google ads are a good return on investment. There should be a 2x Return on Ad Spend with Google ads. With the analytics provided, you as a business owner can see how many conversations you get for every dollar spent.

Fine-tune advertising where you want to focus

Google ads campaigns can target a specific audience based on location, interests, keywords, time of day, device, age, and much more. This helps reduce advertising costs because you are only engaging those interested in your product or service.

Target and Restrict Ads

You can choose geographically where you want to target and restrict your ads. If you are a brick-and-mortar pawnshop in Illinois, you wouldn’t want to focus on a target audience in Europe. Smaller markets and local cities can be the ads’ focus and will impact the potential audiences in these areas.

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What Does Google Ads mean for your company?

Getting the right people interested in your product, services, or brand is key to a small business or pawn shop’s success. Targeting specific audiences helps connect with potential customers. It decreases the effort and costs associated with reaching out to customers who have no interest in what you have to offer as a business owner.

Google ads allow you as a business owner to target specific audiences using keyword search terms.

Keywords, Keyword Phrases, Negative Keywords, Keyword Planner

Keywords are the words a searcher may use to find out what they are looking for. Target keywords are the words advertisers create as part of their text ads to rank on Google. The keywords allow advertisers to appear in search results.

For example, you may have a target audience identified as people needing quick cash for an emergent situation. The keywords would include keywords and phrases like; short-term loan, sell your gold now, loan, pawn, and others. Target keywords wouldn’t include keywords and phrases like; how to survive a bear attack, bear whistle, or others. Target keywords help find the consumers who are potentially the most profitable for you.

Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are words or phrases that eliminate unqualified search queries. Negative keywords give you the ability to block words and phrases from trigging your ads and save you money. Negative keywords are a list of keyword terms you do not want to rank for.

Keyword Planner

Google Ads provides a keyword planner, and you can find new keywords to target. This tool helps you to search relevant keywords that perform the best for you and according to your marketing budget.


Paid Advertising

Let’s Talk Pay Per Click On Your Google Ads

When you are putting together your advertising strategy, a huge plus is the pay-per-click system of Google Ads. For small businesses and pawn shops, this is a cost saver. You pay when a searcher decides to click on your ad and is taken to your landing page.

SEO Content
Landing Page

Landing Pages

Landing pages are pages that inform the search with the information they are looking for. A landing page can include relevant keywords and content about your product or services.

Social media campaigns like Facebook will charge if a searcher views your ad. These are known as CPM payments. But if the searcher never visits your landing page, it is money spent for no results.

Marketing Ads

Google Ads campaign on a budget

The budget you set aside for advertising is significant to your company. Google Ads allows any business to work with any budget size. You have complete control over how your money works for you. It’s easy to set a daily budget, set a maximum bid amount on your keyword search terms, and increase or decrease the ad spend to get the results you’re looking for.

Google search ads are powerful because the method includes finding customers when they’re looking for services, a product, or a brand. Keywords are paramount in helping searchers find your website.

Google ads work!

Target Customers

Google Ads Retargeting

Google Ads retargeting is a feature that allows you to customize your display ads campaign for people who have already visited your site. You can tailor your google ads when they search on the web or use apps.

Retargeting uses “cookies” or small pieces of data stored by the web browser that remember who visited the google ad or webpage. By serving ads to the visitor repeatedly, visitors can turn into customers.

Youtube videos can be a powerful tool for retargeting and increasing visibility.

Google ads have an option to use video ads.

Video Ads

There are different types of video ads. Linear video ads are shown before, during, and after video content. They are like a commercial

Non-linear video ads run concurrently with video content, so the ad is seen while viewing the video content.

Companion ads include text, images, and rich media; these ads don’t interrupt the video experience.

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Pawn Leads

Pawn Leads is a complete marketing solution that includes Google ads. The team will assist you in setting up a Google Ads account. The skilled experts will work with you to set a budget and determine a focus for keywords using the keyword planner to help guide your investment. They will check the Google ads campaign often to ensure that you are satisfied with your ad spend and buy.

Your assigned representative will work with you to set up a google ad campaign that makes sense to the target audience types you need to have so they are converted into paying customers. The conversion tracking will be discussed with you, so you see how using google ads work and are a good return on investment.

In addition, to Google ads, Google ad campaigns, and making sure google ads work for your company, Pawn Leads has an automated marketing solution that will track all of your calls, text, and conversations, compile customer data, review and build websites, and landing pages to meet your needs. The company offers SEO, content marketing strategies, blog writing, and Press Releases.





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