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Customer service

Customer Experience Strategy in 2022

Having a customer experience strategy is key to brand identification, building a customer base, how you or your team engages customers, how customers interact with your team, customer loyalty, and success of your entire company.

Anytime you experience an “extraordinary moment”, you want to return to the original experience again. This is the foundation for a customer experience strategy. This is how your business goals are set on gaining lifetime customers.

 Building a strong customer experience strategy that engages customers gives your business a competitive advantage. Today, there are competitors worldwide thanks to the world wide web. Building a strong customer service approach sets you above your competition.

Putting Value In Your Customers

 Today’s markets are ever changing, and staying ahead of what people expect is important. Customers want to belong to a company and experience a fulfilling experience when they purchase something.

Once your brand is associated with a poor customer experience, it is difficult to change the association.

What Do Customers Want?


Everyone has an energy level. Some people are dull, others seem tired, while others are invigorated and energetic. Your team’s energy needs to match the energy of its customers. It would seem disrespectful if a funeral director trying to sell a coffin danced into the room and gloated about how beautiful the caskets were, and hummed happy tones and cracked jokes during the interaction with a widow. On the other hand, it would be fairly dull for a customer to walk into a music store to buy an instrument excited that saved enough money to do so. If the sales person never greeted them, didn’t ask their interest in music, and sat with the head on the desk, the customer would walk away.

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Do You Know Your Customers Demographics and Needs?

All businesses have a potential customer, and this is a target audience. What are their demographics? Are they younger, ages 20 to 30, or are they retirement age? What do they need from your business? If you are a pawn shop, they certainly don’t expect to buy tomatoes from you. On the other hand, when they go to the local produce store, they don’t expect to bring in an item of value and take out a short-term collateral loan.

Take the time to get to know your target audience, their community, and how you can meet their needs.

 Do You Know the People Who Don’t Purchase, Sell, or Loan From You?

There will be people who don’t want to or don’t need your product and services. Do you know who they are? These may be the people who pose critical opinions or won’t return customers. They can help determine if you meet most of your target audience.

Customer experience strategies can build negatives into positives and get your company ahead of the curve.

Customer Service

Do You Know Your Employees?

 Nothing is more revealing than a little child, age six, telling you what they think about you. They lack tact, but what they do have is complete honesty. Does your employee experience provide ways to give you feedback on you as the boss, the business owner?

Customers know when your team is unhappy. An unhappy team can cause damage to your company, because they are typically the first people to greet a customer. A good customer experience strategy includes your employee experience.

Your team probably knows more about your customers and what they need from your customer. Gather their input, even if the input isn’t something you want to hear.

 Your team needs to feel like they matter, and asking for their input helps bolster their worth. Negative energy from your team will affect customer purchases.

Hiring the right person is important. A person with no experience in your industry may be a good fit, because they can be “trained up.” A person with a lot of experience may be what you need. By knowing your target audience and the goals you have set for your customer experience strategy, it will help you decide.

How Does Your Target Audience Feel Involved?

Keeping your customer’s journey like an interesting voyage

 Potential customers, your target audience, want to know and feel as if they “belong” to your company. Great customer service will achieve this.

Ways to get customers involved so they feel they are on a interesting voyage are to engage customers in customer satisfaction surveys. As your customers, rate their customer service or provide you with a Google Review.

Measuring the customer experience will help you identify the areas of improvement. Customers like to talk about their customer needs and experience. This information can be stored as customer feedback data and used to plan goals for your customer experience management system.

Personalized services help build a positive customer experience. Make sure your team greets customers when they come into your store. Encourage employees to make good eye contact. If they know the customer, use their name when interacting. These personalized services encourage a successful customer experience strategy.

When customers interact, they feel connected. The customer’s journey becomes a two-way exchange that weaves you or your team as a business with them as a customer. When new customers and existing customers experience this type of engagement strategy, they turn into lifetime customers.

Customers expect something when they call your store or text. Automated responses can gather information for future nurturing or send ways to interact, like an opt-in option or another action.

Competitive Edge Customer Experience Strategies

Your business objectives will need to change as quickly as the marketplace. and be an ongoing process. It is something you can’t do once and not again. Creating an avenue to review target audiences, gather insight about what they need and want, and how economics and world affairs are changing their profiles.

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Today There are Walk-in Customers and Digital Customers

A digital customer is an online experience that your consumers have. An easy example would be when you get online to do shopping for the holiday season or to go on vacation. Websites, apps., and chatbots are examples. Having landing pages that go directly to what the customer is searching reduces the “pain points” or barriers for the customer.

 With everyone using the world wide web, your customer base may be in the next community or state. Here are some tips for building an effective digital customer experience.

Tips For an Effective Digital Experience

●       Know your audience

●       Keeping fresh content

●       Don’t get stuck in the same content because its easy; change is key

●       Make it easy for anyone to access and engage

●       Make your customer experience superior to your competitors

●       Personalized service is key

●       Collect feedback from your customers in surveys, reviews, etc.

●       Have a persona (make yourself real and approachable) 

customer experience

CX Strategy

A CX Strategy includes the plans you have to create a positive customer by creating “touch points” or ways for your potential and exiting customers to engage with you and want to return. The touch-points need to be purposeful and meaningful. Another part of the strategy is to gather information from the customer about their journey.

A good CX strategy creates meaningful experiences that can improve customer loyalty.

Customers want convenience. Making sure your CX strategy is organized, focused, and meaningful is important.  

A Key to a Customer Experience Strategy is to Collect Data

Data collection can take time and effort, because it needs to be detailed enough to meet your customers’ needs. Each customer is unique and has individual needs and desires. An effective customer data management system will make these characteristics accessible.

Pawn Leads is an automated customer services management system and total marketing system solution. Each time your target audience engages in person or digitally, information can be collected so that the data can be accessed to nurture the target audience along their journey.

Data collection can take the form of surveys, focus groups, forms, or in-person asking questions. An example of data collection would be a customer filling out an online form with demographic information to obtain more information or a quote.

The Pawn Lead system will help customers engage by creating “opt-in” campaigns, so they can be placed on a niche list, so they receive notice of sales, events, and company news.

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Pawn Leads – An Automated Customer Experience Strategy Solution

 Having a pristine customer experience strategy will take time. Pawn Leads is an automated marketing solution that will help you improve your retention of potential customers and save you time.

Pawn Leads is an automated customer automation system with tools like two way texting, phone call response, the ability to send marketing campaigns, text message campaigns, email marketing campaigns and others. The solutions are seamless once set up, giving your customer a positive experience from the moment they reach out to your business.

Branding is a way to build your customer base and loyalty. Being known as the company that gets back to your customers with everything they need or with answers to the questions they ask will help you stay ahead of your competition.

Delivering great customer service involves asking for reviews and feedback. Pawn Leads can set up an automated campaign that asks each customer who visits your store about their customer journey. This information will provide your customer service teams with valuable feedback and how to improve their efforts.

Providing opt-in options, niche lists, newsletters, events, and other experiences get customers involved. This helps them realize that they have value, and your target audience will become paying customers and increase their customer lifetime value.

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The Pawn Leads team of professionals understand how to identify and market to a target audience. They will provide feedback and support as you improve your customer satisfaction score and deliver great customer experiences. The co-owner, Sam Reading, owns three pawnshops and understands that customer retention is key to increasing profits. Developing and using Pawn Leads in his own stores helps him provide customers with exactly what they need.

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