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For a successful business, the business owner must take steps to analyze, plan, and evaluate “next steps.” There are key strategies small business owners can implement to grow. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all business strategy, but there are things that can be done.

Pawn Leads is an automated customer service platform that helps pawn shops and small businesses with marketing, automated response tools, promoting customer nurturing for target populations, and increasing business. Pawn Leads offers an approach that focuses on three angles to grow a business without hiring additional employees.


There are only 3 ways to grow a business:

1. Get new customers.

2. Increase the transaction frequency (get them to buy/sell more often)

3. Increase the size of the transactions (get them to buy/sell higher value items)

Organic Search Traffic

Get New Customers

An Automated System

All businesses have a target population. The target population is the potential consumers that want, need, or are curious about a business and their products.

The key to defining a target population is to know the demographics who will use your products or services.

Once defined, this population can be the focus of your sales team regular follow ups. The challenge is most sales teams are busy doing the day-to-day tasks of offering existing customers great customer service, pricing products, and proving the day-to-day tasks associated with your business.

As you know, the customer experience from the first time they contact your store, call your team, or find you on the web will either bring you new business or turn the prospect away.

Rapid growth depends on consistent and quick follow up. Direct competitors focus on their products and services. They too want to be the best at what they do. By developing strategic partnerships with your team, they can turn potential customers into loyal customers by building a connection they can depend on.

Pawn Leads offers automated text and email responses to follow up with all new customers. The unique perspectives of the Pawn Leads team help you design meaningful messages that every potential customer receives, no matter how busy your team is with daily tasks.

Increasing Sales – Transaction Frequency

As part of increasing transaction frequency, the text message, auto call follow ups, and email campaigns within Pawn Leads can help your team follow up with existing customers and offer them additional services that makes sense to them. This helps existing customers explore opportunities to purchase a new or affordable item that maybe they hadn’t thought about before.

As part of your business growth plan, it won’t happen overnight, but with some effort, you will see that Pawn Leads as part of your marketing plan, makes sense.

Target Customers

A Flow of New Customers

A business can’t survive as status quo. There are new expenses, competitors, improved product line advantages, and larger companies who can do the same thing as your business with less cost. To stay ahead and increase your market share, you have to access and convert more customers to your business.

Keeping customers returning to your business depends on customer relations and marketing strategies that set you apart from other industries.

By doubling your traffic to get a stream of NEW customers into the marketing ecosystem, you can convert a larger percentage to loyal customers. A customer loyalty program includes thinking ahead and digital marketing like Facebook ads, press releases, Google Ads, Search Engine Optimization, and Blogs.

Guiding and keeping new customers engaged with your business will help your business grow. Pawn Leads has a team of experts who use the automated system to post Blogs, and set up sales funnels and networking events to connect with customers.

Niche Marketing

Niche Lists

Pawn Leads can manage and set up niche lists. A niche list is a list of customers interested in a specific product. It is product focused and satisfies market needs. Niche lists can focus on demographics, opt in customers, or potential customers as an indented target for the campaign.

The marketing efforts are tailored to the niche.

For example, if your pawn shops focuses on gold buying, selling, and pawning, you may decide as a company to target the people interested in these precious metal transactions. You could set up a text campaign to customers asking them to “opt in” to receive future deals about gold sales, purchasing, or pawning. By nurturing this population from the very early stages of their experience with your store, you can cater to their needs, provide a great customer service, and solidify these customers as part of your customer base.

As a business, you want to grow your business without added costs. Pawn Leads uses a combination of automation and outsourcing to accomplish all these business growth opportunities without having to hire more employees.

Pawn Leads will free up time and implement customer followups consistently in the business plan, not missing anyone.

By analyzing business data and marketing strategies, Pawn Leads can help give the pawn industry insights into what works to increase sales and cash flow.

If you’ve been struggling to grow revenue from your core business model, developing additional resources and automation platforms may be necessary. This could be Pawn Leads, that can automatically offer new services or products, new subscriptions or opt in campaigns, send ads and engagement fliers, or more.

Pawn Leads Logo

Pawn Leads, LLC

Pawn Leads is a Customer Communication System and full Marketing Solution for Pawn Brokers like you.

The company caters to pawn brokers and small businesses. The automated system provides solutions that automatically follow up on every potential opportunity that comes through your doors.

All communications from your customers are tracked in one convenient place. Custom automated follow-up text, email, webchat replies, campaigns, and feedback help you close more deals.

The system includes Texting

  • Emailing

  • Reviews

  • Forms

  • Landing Pages

  • Call Recording

  • Text Opt-ins/ Subscriptions

  • and so much more

The company sets up and runs paid ads to generate more customers in your store, while integrating the latest tech and custom solutions for the pawn industry. Pawn Ads are not simple, we specialize in negative keywords, cost bid adjustments, and ads that convert into profit.

Unlike other ad companies, Pawn Leads is constantly refining and adjusting to increase performance and reduce ad spend.

Pawn Leads provides an SEO strategy including web page review and design, custom website builds to mobile ad ons, hosting, key word research, blog and content writing, press releases, internal links, external links, analytics and reporting, and much more.

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